Project Description

Tickets — Pre Sales

We will offer a large amount of available tickets to agencies in Antalya with a special discount.

Depending on the amount of the order, agencies will receive a percentage increase in the discount.

Special Sale

For every package we add the appropriate amount of flyers and posters. So the ticket sales can be optimally marketed e.g. in the hotels lobby or agency desks.

WINTER SPECIAL SALE | 15.11 – 31.12.2018

Don’t miss out this opportunity for spring and summer season.


Our office is in Antalya. So our service and managing staff will be ready to assist you. We will provide you with the necessary contact data after your request.


Don’t hesitate to send us your request for a business presentation.

Post Purchase

Agencies will receive the marketing items such as flyers, posters and images for social media marketing at least 4 weeks in front of each event date.

This way we can offer printed items with more correctness e.g. in case of participating artists. Even if the contracts with the artists are signed, due to regular conditions (e.g. TV offer clause) it could happen an artist on the list is subject of change.

Ticket Delivery

Tickets will be delivered min. 2 weeks in front of each event date. After printing, the tickets must be equipped with security features. (Copy protection)

B2B - For Agencies

Abacuzz Event - Contact


Our Team

Send us now a message to get your personal business presentation appointed. We will meet us as soon as possible!

Abacuzz Event - EXPO Convention Center


Convention Center

Enjoy the powerful sound and special light systems within this elegant atmosphere. EXPO Antalya Convention Center!

Abacuzz Event - EXPO Amphitheater



Enjoy the top artists on stage at this very special event location – open air. EXPO Antalya Amphitheater!

BeatNut Butter & Schlagermilch

Our brands as a synonym for party time at your holidays destination Antalya.

B2B - For Agencies